The new collaboration is actually making progress. Based on motherhood, Morag -my collaborator and I have planned out a few meetings to get things started included me taking a daily picture of my ‘growing’ belly. We are also setting up interviews with other new mothers to use their stories as part of  the text and lyrics that will be developed.

For the music for the piece, I have not written a note. I think it’s better to get some of the interviews finished and to really understand my perspective before trying to get a feel of what the whole piece will be and my contribution.


While the previous post sounded motivated, inspired and downright productive -nothing happened!

Well sort of. I did complete my PhD and graduated in July. I got a promotion at work (still working only three days a week!) and had a lovely summer where I thought, ‘ok -need some time off”, took that time off and my husband and I adopted a lovely dog and got pregnant! All good things.

The interesting thing about being a female composer/artist/writer/creative is that we are the ones that watch our lives get turned upside down by life, most of the time and in many ways we ‘bring it on ourselves’. While this is not a bad thing, it is something that has a profound effect on us and particularly me. Prior to this successful pregnancy I had two miscarriages. This is not unusual and they say 25% of pregnancies end this way but it made a profound difference in my life.

This journey and the journey that other creatives and women have taken, is the subject of my next collaboration with composer Morag Galloway. This creative collaborative process will be documented here. A new beginning!


2011 has turned into the biggest learning experience of my life!  It is now my turn to take those lessons and do something!

I am brainstorming a new collaboration and a new chamber orchestra piece.  It’s really nice to have the desire to compose again. Now I just have to find the time between work, corrections to the PhD, daily life, exercise and domestic life. There is something wonderful about all the potential.

Vygotskian: ‘working together productively toward shared goals is a human activity unique and valuable in its contributions to individual and social well-being’. (xi) 

Throughout her research, VJ-S demonstrates how even work that is credited to an individual has evidence of joint-work and the social support needed in-order for artists, scientists, creatives and inventors to create their work.

These points are the core principles to the last three years of my research.  There are few tasks that can be accomplished on one’s own and most work that is credited to an individual actually has a support system surrounding it.

This is the beginning of the end.  🙂

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